Monday, 18 July 2011

Everything you need to know about 'Hair Extensions'

Forget diamonds, puppies and her daddy, Hair Extensions are definitely a girl's best friend!

I promise that everything I talk about in the post I have experienced myself, and after using extensions (literally every type/colour/length there is!) for the past 5 years I feel full to the brim of knowledge on them! If there is anything I haven't covered feel free to ask in the comments!

Celebrity Hair Extension Lovers: Lauren Conrad - Cheryl Cole - Nicole Scherzinger

First off, why extensions?
After many years and many different types I can honestly say the reason I always go back to them is because they make me look and feel so much better about myself. There is no better feeling then having a head full of long gorgeous soft hair.
But of course, you do need to know your fair bit! Even if you already wear extensions on a daily basis these tips should come in helpful, what's the point in spending all that money when you don't care for them?

Starting at basic's, the many different types of extensions here are the most common four:
I will go into more details later in this blog!

- Clip-in's:
Removable clip's help apply the extensions in and out your hair whenever you want.
The most common and best for beginners.

- Glue-in's:
Bonding glue attaches the hair extensions track to your own hair.

- Sew-in's:
Also known as 'Weave', starting by cornrowing your original hair to your head the hair extensions in the sewn onto the cornrow.

- Micro Bead:
The single-strand hair extensions are attached to your own hair, by little beads which are clamped down into place, strand by strand.


Clip-in hair extensions are perfect for girls who's want long thick hair without damaging your hair at all!
They can be applied by yourself, whenever you chose within a few minutes (once you get the hang of it!)
They are are so easy to remove, unlike all the other type's of extensions, I would recommend for those who have had no previous experience with extensions or those who are unsure wherever long hair will suit you or those who just wish for lo ng hair for a night out or family event or wedding.

Like all extensions you can pick your length(inches colour and type (straight, wavy or curly.)
Clip-in's are attached to your own hair with clip's, they come in tracks, for example, a full can obtain around 8 tracks, different sizes depending on how many clips they have on them.

A few tips I have when purchasing clip-in hair extensions:

- Grams matter!
When purchasing them online, look at the grams, for example a set of 20inch 90g hair extensions are going to be alot thinner than 180g gram! Look online, brands claiming to be 'super thick' might not be as thick as they claim!

- Good Clips are good for your hair!
Look out for clips that contain a silicon strip, this means they won't tug or damage your hair, it also helps them not to slip in your own hair.

-Treat them well!
Look after them and they can last 3-6 months! Tips Below!

- Read up on how to apply them!
I havee found a really brilliant way to apply them found on


This type of hair extension is more permanent than clip-in's, bonding glue attaches the hair extensions track to your own hair.
This isn't the best thing you can do to your hair and can end up really damaging it! (trust me!)

There are also different ways to glue-in hair extensions, here are three:

U tip hair extension's:
Here you part your hair into tiny sections, and you then twist them and place the U-tip strand onto the twisted section of the hair. Then you melt the glue tip, role and seal the tip. Then the U-tip is attached! Easy to remove with the help if a remover.

Hot Glue Gun:
A glue gun is used in the hair extensions, which has glue sticks attached. The gun will heat, which melts the glue. When the glue dry's the hair extension is now attached to the hair.

Bonding glue:
This is the way previously have attached hair extensions to my hair, bonding glue is applied onto the weft of the hair extension and then attached to your own, which should be parted in a straight line. It is removed with a remover, although in my experience it doesn't take out all the glue and has to be used several times!

One problem I found with Glue-in extensions is they can rip out your own hair! They also can become very irritating, and as grotty as it sounds the glue can pick up 'bits' and become discoloured. Yuck!

If you plan on glueing in your hair extensions at home, I have found an easy tutorial here on, but you can also youtube tutorials if you would rather watch someone else before you attempt the procedure yourself, (this is what I did.)


Sew-in's also known as 'weaves' are where the hair is basically sewn into your own hair, I know if this is the first time you've heard of this your probably think it sounds like a gruesome procedure, but it's not at all, it involves cornrowing your own hair, (creating tiny little plaits, like french plaits or the famous Lauren Conrad Braid) It involves no glue or chemicals so it's alot more friendly on your head than glue-in's for sure!

The procedure does take alot of time and paitence, but the results are brilliant! If you are planning on doing it yourself you might what some help from a friend too!

You start off by cornrowing your hair, you should first create a very thin cornrow that goes all around your head (from ear to ear, from your parting to the other side of your parting,) usually starting a few inces off your crown, you want to carry this on down your head, doing several, the more you have the more extensions you can have in, leaving you with thicker hair.

Once you have done this and have what you feel is the right amount of cornrow's, you simply sex your extensions weft's into your cornrow, yes usually a needle and thread! But it can last a long time when done right!
Youtube some examples for furter help!


Micro-Bead extension also do not invole any chemicals of glue, but tiny beads which are tightened into your own hair strand by strand which keep your extension's in place. This is a face growing trend as it is easy to maintain and easy to have done! It is very hair-friendly which is also a big pro!

This process is done by starting with parting your hair in a straight line, at the bottom of your head, clip away all hair you are not using at the moment, and the hair in which you wish to apply the micro-bead extension to your seperate and part it strand by strand. You then take your single-strand micro-bead extension and slide your fingernails down the loop on the loop tool, making the end of the loop pointed.

This will make it easier to apply the microbead, you then thread the micro bead through the pointed loop until they reach about a quarter of the way up the loop. You then open the loop again with your fingers. Grab the peoce of hair your have already seperated, the piece of hair should be about the same thickness as the microbead hair extension piece.

Stick your thumb and forefinger through the loop and pull the section of hair through. Use your forefinger pull a microbead up over the end of the loop and through the section of hair. The bead should be somewhat loose on the piece of hair, with ample room for attachment of the extension.

Slide the tip of the extension through the bead. The bead should be about a quarter- to half-inch from the root of the hair.

Clamp the bead with the bead tool. This will tighten the bead around the extension and the section of hair, holding it in place. The bead should be flat once it has been clamped. Repeat until the extensions have been applied all along the part.

Sounds complicated but it easy to do, the only problem I had was it did hurt when I slept and wasn't that comfortable. Guess there is pain in beauty!

I adore hair extensions and recommend them to anyone, feel free to ask questions and DO try this at home!


  1. loving your posts! so informative! keep it up lovely! :) :) x

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  4. I really want some clip in extensions just to add volume to my hair, thanks for the tips here some great advice :)

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