Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Ombre Hair "A Trend Worth Reading About"

My favourite sort of trend is most definatly a 'Hair Trend', no two people can have exactly the same hair, whereas you can easily go out and buy the trending knee-high socks or scalloped shorts from Topshop, and walk past someone in the streets with exactly the same shorts on!

Ombre Hair, for those of you who don't know, is the graduation of colour from root to top, usually either brown to blonde, or vice versa and sometimes a few very colourful exceptions! Basically leaving with the look where previously coloured roots look like they have grown our with you recolouring them. But I promise you it looks gorgeous! Don't just take my word for it either, look at these example of celebrites sporting the do':

Drew Barrymore - Ashlee Simpson - Rachel Bilson

I can say this is one of the reasons I was inspired to create this blog, for weeks I have been obsessing over it, googling pictures and reading as much up as I can on the internet! I am even tempted to 'Pull An Ombre' myself!

The funny thing about this hairstyle was it was actually started by a celebrity, Miss Sarah Jessica Parker, after reading up on the trend I found that she decided to let her natural colour grow out and untouched her previously coloured hair, creating the 'ombre' effect on her hair.

Although slated at the time for looking 'unkept' and 'letting herself go' who'd of thought that now it would be such a big trend!

Sarah Jessica Parker

Ombre hair isn't even that hard or expensive to create! Nothing wrong with abit of home d.i.y, although you could splash out £££ at the salon, this look is based round it's imperfection fading and graduation on the colours, so would be much less inexpensive to try it yourself!

Some tips I have found, (and will eventually try myself, blog post to follow of how that goes!) are to follow:

- Bleach is a must!
When creating the Barrymore/Simpson/Bilson look of darker colour at the roots fading to a lighter colour, you much always use bleach, no hairdye can change darker hair to lighter (this is because dye's add colour over the top of your original colour, whereas bleach changes the colour of your orignal hair colour.)

- Don't get to neat!
When placing the bleach on the tips of you hair, don't be to specific and put the bleach in a exact line, else it won't be the ombre effect, and will really look like you've just let your roots grown out!

- Help speed the process!
When the bleach is on the hair, help speed the process buy wrapping it in tin foil, this will head up the bleach more and allow the chemical process to work quicker!

- Care for your hair!
Remember, you are still bleaching your hair, and bleaching is damaging, look after it! Try conditioning masks and less heat on your hair, you don't want it falling out. A good thing about this hair is it looked just as gorgeous with natural waves than it does straightened so give your hair a break!

Hilary Duff - Lauren Conrad - Lady Gaga

Finally, I'll leave you with some bloggers I think have done stunning attempts at this hairstyle, in the links you will also find more hints and tricks off them too!


Glamorous Glue

Amy Antoninette

Thanks for reading!
Lots of Love
Sophielle XO


  1. I love this hair trend too :) it looks amazing! x

  2. Love the trend! :-)
    Maybe you could do some more posts about hairstyles? - just a suggestion ;-)
    Check out my blog, if you want!
    - sarahschubhan.blogspot.com

  3. I am also a huge fan of the ombre... thinking of going purple =).

    Now following you dear x

    p.s. I am having a giveaway for my vintage store if you like vintage check out my blog for more details =)


  4. I love the ombre look, have recently done it to my hair, (well kinda), I love it, looks like tie dye :)


  5. I do like this look, it wouldn't suit me tho, my hair is too short. Going for highlights next wk tho!

  6. these are great tips! I wish I had the guts to do it, though :P BUT, now I do know where to turn if a friend of mine ever wants to try to DIY ombre hair :D

    xxx irinja (1milliondresses.blogspot.com)

  7. We desire I'd the guts to complete the idea, although: V HOWEVER, currently I know where you can turn if a friend at any time really wants to look at.Its is a good siteclip-in hair extensions